Vincent Chung Baduy boys

 I live in Rangkasbitung now, Banten province, although it’s not my home town but I feel so comfortable and proud of living in here as Banten resident. I dont know why, seem I had been a little forgotten about  my hometown since I moved on Rangkasbitung, here I found many friends   and the important thing is my story begin in here, ups let’s forget about that because I wanna tell you about Baduy

as I said before that I live  in Rangkasbitung, it means Baduy village is near with my place, what is Baduy ?, wikipedia said   “The Baduy (or Baduy), who call themselves Kanekes, are a traditional community living in the westeren part of the Indonesia province of Banten, near Rangkasbituung”


Orang Baduy By Kirana On the Mood

Baduy people live in traditional way, although there is baduy who live in modern way. we call Baduy dalam (inner baduy) for baduy people who still keep traditional way in in their life. Baduy use sundanese language but it’s little bit different with my sundanese language, bahasa sunda kasar(rough sundanese) use Baduy as their language. 

Generally,  there are two kind of Baduy, Baduy dalam,(inner Baduy) and Baduy luar (outer Baduy). Inner Baduy  their life is real traditional and  seldom or maybe forbiddent to get contact with outside word, typically inner Baduy for man use white long sleeves clothe called “Jamang Sangsang” and use  black blue “sarong” for the bottom. In the head they use white headband and for the women use black blue sarong of the heel to the chest and for outter Baduy, called “Penamping” use black clothe  called “Kampret” and use dark blue headband with batik pattern. not only inner Baduy but also outer Baduy always carry gun “golok” tucked behind their waist and Koja (koja it’s bag) wherever they go.


Perempuan Baduy By Lentera Timur

To fulfill their need on the clothe, Baduy tribe weave themselve and it is perfomed by mowen, begin from seed to plant cotton and than harvested, spun, untill woven according to his trademark.


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